CPA Client Monica Kaden in the News

With more hospitals and large physician groups in acquisition mode, small practices looking to be bought should take pains to evaluate their worth, says Monica Kaden. – - (Photo By AARON HOUSTON)

We recently got our client, Monica Kaden of the consulting and certified public accounting office of Fischer Barr & Wissinger LLC, published in two separate articles in NJBIZ the week of February 4th, 2013. In the first article, “Reform Brings Rush to Determine Value,” Ms. Kaden states, “Physician practices interested in being purchased are evaluated like any private business, and, depending on the wishes of the buyer, can expect at least one of three valuation methods.”

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The second article, “Consolidation Slow to Reach N.J., But is the Norm Around The Country,” discusses the fragmented nature of New Jersey’s health care system has left the state behind other areas of the country in terms of consolidating physician practices.  Kaden states, “There are almost parts of the country that are better at doing groups than other parts of the country. The Midwest is better at doing groups than the East Coast,” said Kaden, whose husband was part of a large ophthalmologist group in Lansing, Mich., before moving to New Jersey 17 years ago, when he became a solo practitioner. We’re in a more litigious environment. It’s harder for people to make agreements.”

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And last but not least, Monica was quoted in an article published on March 7, 2013 in Forbes. The article entitled, “Spring Clean Your Finances With These 5 Pro Tips,” discussed the necessity to spring clean this season, but in addition to household clean-up, spring clean your finances as well.

In the article, Ms. Kaden states, “…Spring cleaning needs to start with dividing up the workload. Typically, in a couple or a family, there’s one person who handles the household finances. My advice is to have the other spouse—and even older children—sit down with the person who handles the bills, budget, and important financial documents, so that multiple people are knowledgeable about the household’s finances.”

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