DIGroup Architecture has been awarded the “Top Education Project-Suffolk” by Long Island Business News in their prestigious 2022 Real Estate, Architecture & Engineering competition for their design of the UNITI Cultural Center at Stony Brook University located in Suffolk County, Long Island, NY.

They achieved the aesthetic vision for the 4,000 square foot space through extensive research into universal themes of textile design, international festivals, and colorful food trucks, which resulted in carefully curated, vibrant mix of multiculturally-inspired organic structures, furniture, finishes and graphics. Visitors are immersed in walls adorned with impactful graphics featuring influential people of color and meaningful quotes. A welcome desk and central open lounge with comfortable, flexible seating, present an immediate and inviting experience.

“Creating an inclusive and welcoming atmosphere that fosters engagement and unifies a growing multicultural, diverse campus were central themes in the design. My hope is that through our collaborative process and thoughtful design, we have created an environment that fosters understanding, acceptance and a sense of community in today’s complex world for both students and staff,” said Principal Jeff Venezia.

Completed in Sept 2021, the space supports nearly 100 cultural clubs and organizations.

The Real Estate, Architecture & Engineering Awards accepts nominations from different companies that excel in the industries of architecture, building, engineering, real estate, and more. These awards look for the best professionals and industry projects that reflect the improvement within a community.


Long Island Business News is Long Island’s only publication devoted to local commerce and has been the premier source of news and data on business, economic trends and the region’s robust entrepreneurial sector for more than 60 years.


DIGroup Architecture is a certified Minority-owned, Disadvantaged, and Small Business Enterprise (MBE/DBE/SBE) specializing in architecture, planning, interior design and environmental graphics, signage and wayfinding.

DIG originated as a consortium of several small architectural firms who formed an alliance to collaborate and compete for large educational projects issued by the State of New Jersey to revitalize the most under-served public school districts. This collaboration became so successful at delivering many of the state’s most significant, community-centered design projects that the firms formally merged in 2006. The profound impact these projects had on the most basic human need of health and wellness, brought a whole new meaning and purpose to the firm. From that point forward, “Architecture for Change” became their story, design philosophy and commitment to clients to re-imagine structures and environments to unite people, enhance well-being and enrich communities.

DIG’s successes have not gone unnoticed; in 2021, the company was selected as one of the 2021 Leaders in Real Estate, Construction, and Design in the Architecture category by NJBIZ, and was ranked among the top Minority Businesses and Architectural firms by both NJBIZ and Philadelphia Business Journal.

Today, DIGroup Architecture is exponentially growing, its reach spanning New Jersey, Pennsylvania and New York.