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Congratulations to Our Client College Benefits Research Group For Being Featured On Public Affairs Show!

College Benefits Research Group (CBRG) quoted in FORBESSteven Sirot, Co-Founder, College Benefits Research Group (CBRG), and Janet Loren, Partner, Certified Educational Planner (CEP) were guests on FreshOutlook, an Emmy-winning public affairs television news program, to discuss how students and parents are adapting to dynamic financial circumstances and handling the college application process.

“The number one thing parents can do when planning for college is to be proactive,” said Sirot, “The process has evolved. Parents are trying to relate it to their experience, but it is so different.” Sirot explained that although the cost of college has gone up about 5-9%, need-based financial aid has also significantly increased.  A big reason why costs have gone up, he continues, is because schools can have a pool of money to use strategically by offering it to students they really want at their school.

Between 2007 and 2009, Sirot said there has been a massive increase in applications to state schools. “Students know they can get a quality education for a lot less money, but since more students are applying to these schools, it can be harder to get into the school itself or the program a student wants,” he commented.

Sirot and Loren both agree that students need to be prepared with skills which will enable them to be ready for the workforce.  “It is so important for students to learn to think cognitively,” stated Loren, “they have to be able to take complex ideas and understand them, and to look for innovative ways to get things done.”

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Congratulations to Our Client Levine, Jacobs & Company Member For Being Quoted In Bloomberg!

Richard Hoffman CPAMichael H. Karu, CPA/CFF/CGMA, Past-Managing Member, Levine, Jacobs & Company, L.L.C., was quoted in an article on Bloomberg titled “Tax Collectors Are Going After Netflix, Airbnb, and Burning Man”.

The article discusses potential new tax impositions on streaming services, ride-sharing services, music festivals, junk food, e-cigarettes, and short-term room rental services. The taxes that the government seeks to impose could lead to controversy and dissatisfaction. Karu believes the government will attempt to implement taxes on any type of product or service that is developed, so long as people do not complain excessively about it.

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Congratulations to our client, Sid Blanchard on his wonderful coverage in the NJBIZ 2015 Real Estate & Construction Report!

Sidney Blanchard of Community Access Unlimited

Sidney Blanchard had spent more than a decade in social service by the late 1980s, first as a state employee and then as the head of a nonprofit known as Community Access Unlimited.

But that was when he realized that the support he offered to adults with developmental disabilities and children in the welfare system wasn’t going far enough. At the time, the savings and loan crisis was beginning to take hold nationwide, he said, and he saw much of the affordable housing in the region become the target of flipping, rent hikes by new landlords and social problems.