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Congrats to CBRG, on speaking with US News & World Reports’ on the issue of college funding and divorce.

College Benefits Research GroupFunding for college is a stressful task as it is, but it can be even more stressful when the parents of the student are either going through a divorce or are already divorced. Steven Sirot and David Slater, Co-founders, CBRG, were recently quoted by US News and World Report.

The article, “3 Important College Funding Questions to Answer During a Divorce,” discussed many important areas to consider about college funding both during a divorce and after. Parents need to discuss who will take ownership of the accounts and what the tax implications will be.

According to Steven Sirot, Co-founder, CBRG, some colleges want more than just FAFSA when determining financial eligibility. “Over one-third of all colleges ask for additional financial aid forms, which do include the noncustodial parent’s financial information.”

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