Kim Forrester, CPA/CGMA, Member, was a featured guest on the Wise Women @ Work podcast where she discussed some tips to prepare for tax season.

During the interview with host, Felicia Garland, Kim emphasizes the importance of keeping and maintaining records for your taxes, especially with ever-changing tax laws. Kim points out that,:

For the state of New Jersey, your medical expenses are only 2% of your adjusted gross income.

Kim also recommended summarizing these statements, saying:

You may not get a benefit on the feds [federal taxes] but you may get a benefit from the state of New Jersey.

Kim also discussed her own journey to becoming an accountant, offering some insights into networking and how to distinguish yourself from the competition as a business professional. When it comes to acquiring success in the industry, KIm advises:

You need to ask questions and you need to dig deep and understand the prospect’s business needs.

CLICK HERE to listen to the interview.