Managing Your Career at Every Level — Directing the Directors

Amy Delman, owner of Amy Delman Public Relations, LLC, explains how imperative it is for directors to differentiate themselves and become thought leaders in particular areas. For the director looking to advance his or her career, Delman offers the following tips to maximize efforts:  

Write articles on your area of expertise. If you don’t have the resources to get published, write it as a blog on LinkedIn or your company website. Be consistent. Public relations, like all marketing practices, produces the best results when done on a regular basis. 

Speak in public. Look for opportunities at industry events, tradeshows, your local places of worship, libraries, etc. The goal is to position yourself as a thought leader in your area of expertise.

Offer to serve as a mentor for less-experienced accountants. Men­toring is an excellent way to develop strong bonds both with your mentee and your organization. Sharing your knowledge so others can benefit will reflect favorably upon the type of pro­fessional you are. In most mentoring experiences, both the mentor and mentee benefit from this shared relationship.

Strategically network. Look to industry associations, chambers of commerce and networking groups your clients would be members of. For instance, if your practice area is matrimonial, look for networking events held at bar asso­ciations and large law firms.