Laurie A. Hauptman, Partner, was recently a guest on the podcast, Wise Women at Work.

 In a wide ranging conversation, led by Host Felicia Garland,  multiple aspects of the practice of elder law were covered.  Discussed were hard topics such as; when do families need to contact an elder law attorney, how to start that conversation with a family member, costs and benefits of planning, government benefits and a plethora of factors that arise under the elder law umbrella. 

According to Hauptman, “A mistake that we see is that people wait too long. When you have time and you have money, you have options. When you run out of time and you run out of money, you run out of options.” Hauptman advises that it is preferable to be proactive and not reactive in these situations, adding that it is more beneficial to prepare as opposed to repair. 

 Laurie also mentions how long-term care does not necessarily affect just the elderly. In her practice, which she shares with her husband, founding partner, Yale S. Hauptman, they see many clients who range in age, some as young as 25, who find themselves in need of long-term care due to unforeseen illnesses or accidents. “It doesn’t really have to be a senior person that we’re doing planning for,” Laurie says. “You really can need this guidance at any age.”