Amy Delman provides insight on technological updates to a PR expert’s daily work

Amy Delman, Owner, Amy Delman Public Relations, LLC, a boutique public relations consultancy, was recently featured in the ROI-NJ article, “Not yet: PR professionals might be thinking about AI’s impact, but most agree it’s not ready to help them.”

Delman’s several years of experience in the PR industry gave her the tools to speak to the many technological updates for PR experts’ in their daily work. The big question for the PR industry right now is how AI is playing a role in their profession.

From starting in the PR industry with a typewriter to now using computers with expansive databases and analytical reach, Amy has used it all and seen success in the industry. 

Currently, she is using a variety of software systems to keep track of media outlets, reporters, producers, their audiences, etc. 

When asked about her investment in the platform she states, “While expensive, I need to level the playing field by using the same services used by big firms.”

Keeping up with the big PR firms in this industry helps to see the advantages and disadvantages of a platform’s potential and reach.

Amy also stated, “It’s definitely important to have something like this. As anyone will tell you, PR is 90% research. Any type of cloud-based media monitoring platform is important for PR professionals to have access to because it makes research so much easier through the collection of analytics and metadata.”

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Amy Wachtel Delman has her own public relations consultancy and has been involved in public relations, marketing, and branding for almost three decades. Her expertise lies in using media exposure to raise awareness and increase revenues in companies where she has worked in-house or as a consultant. She has been mentioned in several publications over the years including The New York Times, The Star-Ledger, NJBIZ, Inc. magazine and the National Journal of Public Relations.

Additionally, Amy has been writing poetry since she was a young girl. Over the years, she has been published in a variety of outlets, including but not limited to, AUTHORITY magazine, The National Library of Poetry, various publications and in 2021 wrote the Forward as a poem for a consumer lifestyle book that sold over 1000 copies in the first quarter after publication. 

Amy has owned a customized poetry business for over twenty years and currently writes a poetry blog on Instagram under a pen name.