Daniel A. Scola, Jr., Managing Partner, Hoffmann & Baron, LLP, was recently featured in a Financial Times article, “EU’s Patent Reforms Gain Speed.”

The European Union adopted the Unitary Patent system this June. Shortly after, a set of reforms known as the “patent package” was being refined and among the proposed changes were rules relating to Standard Essential Patents (SEPs), which are aimed at enhanced transparency, and a framework that innovators to remain competitive while still offering consumers fair prices.

The article explained the purpose of how the ‘rules’ will help enforcement and empowerment of the economy. Scola discussed his views on the rules and how they are a step in the right direction. Scola stated:

“In principle, the rules are a very good step.”

Scola elaborated further regarding the rules are only part of the process:

“Implementation is always the most difficult part of any legislation.”

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Daniel A. Scola, Jr. is the managing partner of Hoffmann & Baron, LLP, and also manages the chemical, pharmaceutical/biochemical and medical device practice group in the New Jersey office. He has extensive experience in polymers, pharmaceuticals and medical devices. He specializes in building IP portfolios and designing strategies to protect and enhance company value. He also practices extensively in Post Grant Proceedings at the USPTO and has argued Post Grant Proceedings at the appellate level, before the CAFC. Previously, he was Counsel, patents, and trademarks as well as Assistant Corporate Secretary at The Warner-Lambert Co. and Intellectual Property Attorney at Loctite Corporation.

Prior to earning his law degree, Scola was a chemist with particular experience in material science including polymers, adhesives and biodegradable approaches to material engineering. He was a scientist both at Loctite Corporation (now Henkel Corp.) and at the Pratt & Whitney Division of United Technologies.


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