Public relations plays a significant role in most businesses. Big businesses have many departments helping the company run including a public relations department. Although the bigger corporations need public relations assistance, what about the smaller businesses? Brenda Hendrickson is the owner of Brenda Hendrickson, CSA and the author of How To Be a Frugal Millionaire. She was able to shed light about the importance of public relations on small businesses.

“I have a business. I do my advertising. I do my marketing. I do my networking. We are doing OK. Why do I need a public relations firm?” Brenda asks. She continues to explain, “This can be the scenario of many business owners. They want their business to go to the next level and they believe they have done all they can. Wrong. A public relations specialist is an integral part to the growth of your company.” Small businesses require the same amount of support, if not more, from public relations specialists as big businesses do in order to grow and to become successful.

Brenda goes into detail about business owners in general:

“Business owners must realize that they cannot do all functions of their businesses on their own. They need to recognize their strong points and hire outside professionals to handle the rest.”

It is important to seek the help that will benefit the company. Sometimes having a speaking opportunity or a page in a magazine dedicated to the company is extremely helpful. Knowing a variety of media contacts and understanding which publication is best for the client is what public relations specialists do to help businesses achieve its goals.”

The author has personal experience when it comes to reaching out to receive publicity. She explains her needs for her book: “My new venture needed more than what I was doing in order to reach a regional and national base.” In order to allow her book to be successful and known, Brenda needed an extra set of hands to create media goals. Sometimes personal goals are not able to be fulfilled singlehandedly. Also, sometimes having a smaller business does not mean the owner can and should do everything by his or herself.

Brenda reached out to Amy Delman Public Relations, LLC for the extra set of hands she was looking for.  “She spent a lot of time getting to know me, my business, and my goals. She structured a plan that coincided with these goals. A couple of weeks later she was able to make connections I could never have done on my own – a broadcast interview and possible magazine column.” The author could not be more pleased with the outcome of having a public relations specialist promoting her book and guiding everything in the right direction.

Public relations has a huge impact on businesses. It is a strategic adjunct to running a business and it shouldn’t be over looked, no matter the size of the business.

How can you use public relations in your business to reach the next level? Please feel free to e-mail me at amydelmanpr@verizon.net with any comments or suggestions.

This post was written by Megan Catanzaro for Amy Delman Public Relations, LLC.  Megan can be contacted at megan.catanzaro3@gmail.com.