Irwin Stromeyer offers tips on best ways to germ proof your airline seat and surrounding areas

Irwin Stromeyer of Sterile Space Infection Defense West Orange, NJ —  Irwin Stromeyer, Founder, Sterile Space Infection Defense, LLC, was recently quoted in Reader’s Digest.  The article, ‘This Is the Right Way to Germ-Proof Your Plane Seat,’ debunked some of the widely held myths that people get sick on an airplane from the coughing and sneezing of those around them.

Stromeyer elaborates, “You may think that you can get sick on a flight from breathing the air of fellow passengers who are coughing and sneezing. But people more often get infected by coming into contact with germs on a contaminated surface and touching their eyes, nose, or mouth. From there, the germs just need warmth, moisture, and a food supply to start multiplying. For example, in just eight hours, just one cell of E. coli can become a colony of more than 12 million cells.”

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About Sterile Space, Infection Defense, LLC.

Irwin Stromeyer is the founder of Sterile Space Infection Defense, LLC.  An expert in the field of public infection prevention services, he makes indoor environments healthier by significantly reducing the infectious germ load on a surface from surviving, thriving and recolonizing.  What differentiates Stromeyer from other public infection defense arenas is that Sterile Space Infection Defense provides a unique and necessary service in today’s ever infected world to seriously inhibit Cross Contamination Infection. Stromeyer states, “More than ever before in modern history, our good health is hunted by bacteria, virus, fungus, mold, algae and worst of all, Adaptive Organisms. It’s important to understand how and why deadly infections that used to be found only in hospitals and nursing homes have gained access into the public arena. The worst part is that our children and elderly are the easiest victims to these diseases because of their developing or dwindling immune systems.”

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